Bariatric Surgery - Barilife®

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  • Barilife® bidodici mille


    Supplement in tablets that dissolve under the tongue in 30 seconds, containing vitamin B12 in the dosage of 1000mcg, ideal for your nutritional needs

  • Barilife® iron


    Supplement in swallowable tablets containing microencapsulated iron, folic acid, vitamin C and copper, ideal for your nutritional needs.

  • Barilife® liquid fiber


    The nutritional supplement based on Nutriose Fiber® and enriched with Amilife nucleotides®, ideal for rebalancing intestinal function. Pineapple taste.

  • Barilife® probiotic


    The supplement in practical drinking vials containing Bacillus clausii spores, B vitamins and Amilife nucleotides®, ideal for rebalancing the intestinal bacterial flora.

  • Barilife® protein


    Food for special medical purposes based on micro-filtered isolated whey protein. Instantly soluble powder with a neutral taste and complete amino acid content, ideal for your nutritional needs. DEDUCTIBLE FROM TAXES

  • Barilife® vitamins


    The multivitamin supplement in swallowing tablets, divided into MORNING tablets (water-soluble vitamins) and NIGHT tablets (fat-soluble vitamins), designed for your nutritional needs.